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Toplist 31 Окт 2013 23:49 #12018

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Greetings members and staff of UOGames. I wish to invite you to take a look at http://gameserverlists.com/ for some of your needs.

As of the time I am typing this Game Server Lists has an Alexa ranking of 2,748,882 while Listmmorpg has a ranking of 6,036,879. What does this mean? By itself it truly means nothing for certain. But generally speaking this does mean that under a truly organic situation when someone visits a search engine and searches for Private Ultima Shards that Game Server Lists will come up first and get seen more often than Listmmorpg will. So I believe it would be in your interest to get your server registered and appearing on Game Server Lists to improve your traffic.

Additionally I tend to make it a point to help the members of GSL with tech needs when possible such as SEO, raising rank, and scripting when possible.
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Re: Toplist 01 Нояб 2013 02:01 #12031

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Heh, you make preview to this site? what no add to "newest top"?
Эта игра ну никак не загнётся... Уходят старые, недовольные, игроки - приходят новые - новые стареют, начинают брюзжать и уходят. И снова на их место приходят новые...
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